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Can members of a space control other participants' audio or video?

You can control the audio and video of participants in a meeitng if you have the permissions to do so.

To enable audio/video control through the API of the Cisco Meeting Server using an API tool such as Chrome Postman or Firefox Poster.

To enable remote stopping of the video of other participants in a meeting: set videoMuteOthersAllowed=true in the callLegProfile of the space (default=false).

To enable remote muting of the audio of other participants in a meeting: set MuteOthersAllowed=true in the callLegProfile of the space (default=false).

If muting video or audio has been enabled through the API, then Cisco Meeting App users using the can control the video/audio of other participants in the meeting. 

To stop or start the video or audio of one particular participant:

  • Click on the partcipant name and click on the icon for audio or video.

To mute the audio of all participants in the space:

  • Click on meeting controls from the in-meeting menu.
  • Enable or disable audio or video by selecting the required option from the "Audio - all participants" or "Video - all participants". 

Refer to the embedded help for more instructions. 

When a participant is remotely muted/stopped, they will receive a notification of the muting/stop and an exclamation mark will appear on their microphone or camera button depending upon the type of muting.

Note : muting/unmuting audio or stopping/starting video for participants in a meeting is performed on the server. Audio and video will still be sent from the participants’ local apps to the server. However, if a participant mutes themselves locally on their app (through the microphone or camera buttons) then the audio and or video will not be sent from their local device and other participants will see that the participant has locally muted when they click on the participant in the Participants panel.

To disable audio and video control

Remote muting of the audio/video of participants in a space can be diabled if the API is set to the following:

  • set videoMuteOthersAllowed=false in the callLegProfile of the space.
  • set MuteOthersAllowed=false in the callLegProfile of the space.

For more information on using the API, see the API Reference Guide.

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