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How can you customize "meeting links" (Protocol handlers) to join meetings from the Cisco Meeting App?

You can use a link to join a meeting from Cisco Meeting App. The links can come from one of the following:

  • Option 1: If you try to join a conference as a guest through the Web Bridge from a browser that does not support WebRTC, you will be presented with a link that says, “Click here to launch the desktop client”. Click this to open the app and join the meeting as a guest. These links are in the format http://<something> links. They are available both to logged in users, and to guest users who have received a meeting invite through email or other means.
  • Option 2: An admin can construct meeting links for a space, a contact or a SIP URI. A user can either click on these links to join a meeting or copy and paste the link into the Cisco Meeting App for desktop to join meetings.

Supported formats are:

    • ciscomeeting: (a space)
    • ciscomeeting: (a user)
    • ciscomeeting: (a SIP URI)
  • Option 3: Guest links

A guest link can be converted into a meeting link which can launch the desktop app or can be pasted into the app if already open by replacing "https" with "ciscomeeting".

For example:

Can be changed to:


Please see the FAQ for 'How can guest's join a meeting?'

Note: If you are using Microsoft Outlook, add a "url:" prefix to the link so it can be recognised as hyperlink in Microsoft Outlook/email clients.