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Why does the Cisco Meeting App report "username or password is incorrect" in the sign in dialog?

The LDAP account may be incorrect or suspended. Try the following.

  1. On the Meeting Server Web Admin interface, go to Status>Users. Check that the user is an active user.
  2. In the event log, look for:
    • LDAP authorisation failed for user '' / unsuccessful login request from

This means that the password is incorrect. Ask the user to log in to a corporate PC with the same credentials. If it fails, ask the AD  admin to reset the password.

    • no user '' found for authorization / unsuccessful login request from

Check LDAP

This means that the username does not exist. On the Meeting Server Web Admin interface, go to Status>Users. Check again that the user is listed. If not, resync the AD settings on the Meeting Server or Acano Manager. If the user is still not listed, check the event logs again.

  1. If you see no errors in the event log, ask the AD admin to verify that the user account is part of the AD search to be pulled in by the Meeting Server. If not, ask the AD admin to add the user to the group or modify the search filter.

If the above did not solve the issue, take an unencrypted packet trace from the Meeting Server (un-secure ldap ports are 389 and 3268). Run a sync to capture the import process to AD.

Send the log files from server, live.json and packet trace in pcap format along with details on the missing user profile to Cisco support.