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What licenses do I need to use Cisco Meeting Server?

You will need activation keys and licenses for the Meeting Server and Cisco user licenses.

The following activation keys are required to use the Meeting Server:

  •    Call Bridge
  •    Branding (not required for version 2.4 onwards)
  •    Recording
  •    XMPP license activation key, this is now included in the software

Cisco User Licensing:
Multiparty licensing is the primary licensing model used for Cisco Meeting Server; Acano Capacity Units (ACUs)  can still be purchased (now called Cisco Meeting Server Capacity Units), but cannot be used on the same Call Bridge as Multiparty licenses. Contact your Cisco sales representative if you need to migrate ACUs to Multiparty licenses.

Multiparty licensing is available in two variations: Personal Multiparty plus (PMP plus) licensing, which offers a named host license, and Shared Multiparty plus (SMP plus) licensing, which offers a shared host license. Both Personal Multiparty plus and Shared Multiparty plus licenses can be used on the same  server.

For more information on activation keys and Cisco User licensing, see chapter 1 in the Cisco Meeting Server deployment guides.