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Errors on trying to download the Cisco Meeting App for Windows - what should I do?

Note: This information is only applicable for Cisco Meeting App version 1.9.x and earlier.


If you get an error such as the one below when downloading the Windows app, check that it is not a browser security issue. This is a common ClickOnce application ( issue and nothing specific to our application.


Add our site to the Trusted Sites list or enable the following setting for the Internet Zone in IE:

  1. In IE go to Tools > Internet Options.
  2. Go to Security.
  3. Select Internet Zone and click Custom Level.
  4. Within .NET Framework-reliant Components, set Run Components Signed with Authenticode to Enable (or Prompt).
  5. Click Save.

Note: If Prompt is selected in step 4 above, our signed application will be verified when the user installs it.

Note: We support IE 9 and above.