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Can I turn off other participants' audio and video?

If you are a member of a space, and your administrator has given permission, you can mute/unmute other particpants audio or start/stop their video feed. 

To disable audio or video for a single participant:

  1. Whilst in the meeting, click Participant icon to see the list of participant.
  2. From the list, click on a participant’s name to highlight their video pane and display the options: Important, Mute audio, Disable video, Remove (picture below). Alternatively, click on a video pane to see the participant’s name and view the same options.

    Individual participant menu option

  3. Click Mute audio or Disable video to turn off audio or video for a specific participant.


To disable audio or video for all participants:

Click Meeting control icon from the in-meeting menu and select from the menu options:

  • Click Disable video , to turn off the video for all participants.
  • Click All participant mute, to mute audio for all participants.