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How do I book a meeting in the Cisco Meeting App?

You don't.

The general idea is that you should use spaces for your meetings. A space is a persistent virtual meeting room that a group of users can use at any time for calling and chatting. A space is always available to you and you don't need to book resources. 

If you want to invite people who are not members of a space, you can send them an invitation with the space details if you have permissions to do so. Contact your system administrator.

To invite someone to your space:

  • Select the space you want to invite someone to
  • Click Invite
  • Send email, copy and paste full invitation, or copy and paste weblink

The full invitation contains phone number and call ID, video address, and a weblink. If you have set a password, it is included in the weblink, but your guests will need to type the password if they call in from a phone or video system.