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My audio is not loud enough. What can I check?

If you are using a SIP endpoint

Check that the issue is not caused by badly positioned microphones causing quiet audio from the SIP endpoint. SIP endpoints are supposed to use gain control to normalize the input volume.

If you are using the Cisco Meeting App for Windows or OS X version 1.9.x

The Audio Boost setting on the Apps  specifically addresses the case of the speaker volume being too quiet.

To check that Audio Boost is selected:

  1. Select the Settings and info button.
  2. Select More settings.
  3. On the Advanced tab, find the Speakers section and tick the Audio boost checkbox. 


The Cisco Meeting App normalizes all volumes to a standard level at the server side (we use the standard specified in the audio mixing volume RFC), which roughly speaking uses all the digital range and sends that encoded audio to the PC. However, some PCs have weak volume output, the only way around this is to apply digital gain - which is what Audio Boost does. 

Specific for Windows

If your PC has a general issue of quiet audio, check that you have the volume turned up. Windows has multiple speaker volume controls - an overall one and a per-application volume control. The easiest way to check the settings is to right-click on the speaker in the system tray, the volume mixer shows all volumes.