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What versions of browsers and devices do we support for Cisco Meeting App for WebRTC version 1.10 (Cisco Meeting Server version 2.3.x)

The following information applies to Cisco Meeting Server software version 2.3.x:

Note: WebRTC is an evolving technology and frequent changes are done by browser versions. Hence this KB article might not have the latest information. For latest information related to WebRTC app, refer to the Important information document.

The only officially supported browsers for Cisco Meeting App for WebRTC (WebRTC app) is Google Chrome. For Cisco Meeting Server 2.3.x, webRTC app requires Chrome version 59 or higher. We strongly recommend using the most recent version of Chrome.

Note: With Cisco Meeting Server version 2.3.x, to receive high quality presentation and video share experience, Chrome version 66 and later is required. Please review this Software advisory.

Note: The  WebRTC app  is not supported on virtual machines (VMs). For Cisco Meeting Server version 2.4 browser support information, see this FAQ.


Devices tested for WebRTC app

The following devices which have been tested and known to work for the WebRTC app:

  • Windows PCs running Windows 7 and later
  • Apple Mac machines running macOS v10.11.x
  • Android devices -The WebRTC app is not yet optimized for smaller screen devices such as Android phones and tablet. Layout and icons may appear out of place and parts of the user interface may be blocked. However basic audio and video calling (including receiving presentation) is known to work* on the following Android devices:
    • Samsung S9 (SM-G960F) running Chrome 66 on Android 8.0.0
    • OnePlus 5 (A5000) running Chrome 67 on Android 8.0.0

* Important disclaimer: Please note that due to the large range of Android devices, with many combinations of software and hardware specifications, it is not possible for Cisco to test all devices. We endeavour to investigate interoperability issues but there is no guarantee that any particular device would be fully supported. The absence of a particular device in the list above does not imply a lack of interoperability.

Older versions of the app

Previous versions of the WebRTC app is known to work from Chrome version 28 onwards.

Note: Chrome version 33 onwards is required for screen sharing. Screen sharing is not enabled by default in Chrome v33 to v36, so you will need to enable it if you haven't already (The app shows a message with instructions to enable sharing if not enabled).

From Chrome v37 onwards, native screen sharing is no longer possible. Hence Cisco provides a Chrome extension to enable that functionality. Refer to this FAQ for information on how to enable this.

Guest users

Guest users can be sent a web link via a "Web Bridge" URL which displays a "guest" login page. After they enter their name, the action taken is based on the platform and/or browser they are using. For more information, refer to  How can guests join a call/meeting?

Browsers not supported for WebRTC app will be able to launch the Cisco Meeting App (if installed) on Windows, macOS or iOS platforms for joining a meeting. The following browsers have been tested for guest joining. We always recommend using the latest versions of browsers: 

  • Mozilla Firefox 59.0.2 on Windows 
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 running on Windows 10 or Windows 7
  • Apple Safari 11.1 on macOS and iOS