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Where do I find log/crash files for Cisco Meeting Apps?

Obtaining crash files for a Windows or OS X App:

  • To find the crash files on Windows computer, go to C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\cisco
    zip the 'client' folder and send it to support.
  • To find the crash files on Mac OS X, go to ~Library/Caches/

Obtaining crash files for iOS Apps:

To download the log/crash file, sync the iPad or iPhone with iTunes on your PC or Mac; the crash reports are stored at:

  • On Windows: C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/MobileDevice
  • On Mac: ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice

Email Cisco Support the most recent files along with your full contact details. There may be more than one file with the same time stamp for each event; send them all.

Ways to contact support:

You can email to open a case, or you can do it here:

There are also aliases for different languages listed here:


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