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How do I set up “Lecture mode”?

While there is no Lecture mode as such in the Meeting Server,  profiles allow you to assign settings to different URI's.

For example, you can create a "Presenter" URI such that calls to this URI will always be unmuted and take the large window. Similarly, a "Guest" URI can be created that will mute calls by default. For example:

  • Presenter: Dial URI, equal layout, all participants visible, no mic mute
  • Guest: Dial URI, speaker large (to show presenter), mic mute, if no Presenter in call - video and audio is not sent

To achieve this, follow this API example:

  1. Create a space with the name Lecture Mode with Profiles
  2. Create the Presenter Mode Call Leg Profile:
    POST defaultLayout=allEqual
  3. Create the Guest Mode Call Leg Profile:
    POST https://
  4. Get the Call Leg Profile IDs:
    GET https://
    Presenter Call Leg Profile ID: 360b40bf-4c7d-41ff-a355-496c0e720649
    Guest Call Leg Profile ID: 5546a47f-262a-4399-a799-0a03ddc2c66c
  5. Get the space ID:
    coSpace ID: 83b4f7d0-ffb7-4fbc-83c0-91ebe04f2af3
  6. Create the Presenter Mode Access Method tied to URI and Call ID 5500:
    POST https://
    uri=5500&callLegProfile= 360b40bf-4c7d-41ff-a355-496c0e720649&callID=5500
    (Access Method ID: f3a7cf1a-961f-4fec-b19d-5db558851305 )
  7. Create the Guest Mode Access Method tied to URI and Call ID 5600:
    POST https://
    (Access Method ID: 056a58ee-12bc-404f-b863-834cba4707db)

For a full description of the API methods and the features that can be set for each profile see the API Reference Guide.