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Can I create multiple IVRs?

Yes, but you must use the API. See the API Reference document for more details.

Note that to configure multiple IVRs with different audio/customization, you no longer need to have a 'multiple brand' branding key (see Customization Guidelines).

The table below shows API POST method examples to create multiple IVRs:

Action Method URI Body data Result
Create ivrBrandingProfile for English POST

ivrBrandingProfile with id 7ff0e11e-0ce5-42e4-a453-2b6f614a3509 is created

Create ivrBrandingProfile for Swedish POST ivrBrandingProfile with id 21f24450-d29c-40a5-9ef2-2343a9d16652 is created
Create IVR for # 8915 (English) POST ivrs with id 16f6b98a-b8aa-4988-8c09-52e88ade8b95 is created
Create IVR for # 8916 (Swedish) POST ivrs with id 8e09d792-b87e-48a4-9078-4e658a5ba23a is created
Create IVR for # 8917 (English) POST Ivrs with id 1ad374fb-219a-44f9-9c73-22a75822baf4 is created

Note: The IP address in these examples is for illustration purposes only. Replace with the IP address for your own Meeting Server.