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Can you have locally hosted branding files in addition to remotely hosted branding? and can I switch between branding methods?


From Meeting Server version 2.5.0, you can host one set of branding files locally on the Meeting Server or use a web server to remotely host branding files.

Note: To use multiple sets of branding files, you still need to use an external web server to remotely host the files.

Any customized branding files hosted locally or remotely replace the equivalent default files built into the Meeting Server software; during start up, these customized branding files are detected and used instead of the default files. Locally hosted branding files are overridden by any remote branding from a web server.

You can change from one hosting method to another, however we recommend you do NOT mix the two methods. For more information, see the chapter “Switching between branding methods” in the Customization Guidelines.