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How do I upgrade the database schema?

This FAQ does not apply when you first set up database clustering, but these steps must be run after every subsequent Core server software update; otherwise the Call Bridges and databases may be out-of-step with regards to the database schema.

The upgrade path for a clustered system is:

  1. Upgrade each database node one by one, ensuring each node is up and the database cluster status command reports full connection to the cluster, BEFORE upgrading the next one.

At this stage database cluster status should report healthy on all nodes, but the Call Bridges will not be operating correctly and will show database errors.

  1. Use the command database cluster status to identify the master node.
  2. Log into this master node’s MMP and issue the command
    database cluster upgrade_schema
  3. Verify that the operation was successful by using database cluster status.

A status of Enabled means success, whereas Error indicates an issue.