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What logs can I collect from the Meeting Server?

The table below lists all logs you can collect.

  Meeting Server   Meeting Apps (clients)

  Syslog file (download via SFTP)

  Live json file (download via SFTP)

  Syslog files with tracing enabled (download via SFTP)

  Pcap file (download via SFTP)

  Crash dump file (download via SFTP)

  Client diagnostic log

  Server side client diagnostic log (Web Admin interface, Status>General)

  Chrome Java console log

  Wireshark trace

  Crash dump file


For further information on how to gather system status information, see the Diagnostics and Troubleshooting section in the appropriate Deployment Guide. For app (client) related issues, see Troubleshooting Cisco Meeting Apps. You can find it on

Note: You can also collect logs using management tools, for example Acano Manager.