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How do I enforce encryption for a space?

You need to use the API:

  1. Create a calLegProfile and set the parameter sipMediaEncryption to required. 
    1. Use the POST method, e.g. to https://<server IP address>/api/v1/callLegProfiles, with the body as sipMediaEncryption=required.
  2. Find the ID of this new callLegProfile.
    1. Use the GET method, e.g. to https://<server IP address>/api/v1/callLegProfiles.
  3. Find the ID of the space that you want to enforce encryption on. Note that API object for spaces is coSpaces.
    1. Use the GET method to https://<server IP address>/api/v1/coSpaces.
  4. Associate the CallLegProfile with the space.
    1. Use the PUT method to https://<server IP address>/api/v1/cospaces/<coSpace_ID>, with the body as callLegProfile=<callLegProfile_ID>

Encryption is now enforced on all calls in this space. (You can also enforce encryption at tenant level or associate it with access methods.)