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Why can the other participants not hear me when my microphone is active?

Check if someone has someone else muted your audio in the meeting.

All communication between you and other participants is going through a server. If another participant has muted your audio on the server, your audio feed is sent to the server, but it is not sent from the server to other participants. 

If a participant with the appropriate permissions has muted you or all participants, then they have to unmute you to hear you.

If your audio has not been muted, verify the following:

  • Make sure your microphone is not muted or being used by any other app.
  • From you app, click Settings icon, to open the Setting page, check if the correct microphone is being used or try a different one.
  • Make sure all external devices are plugged in properly.

Note: Refer to embedded help for instructions to use mute/unmute options on the in-meeting page and also for options on the Setting page.