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How can guests join meeting from Cisco Meeting App?

To join a meeting as a guest, you need an invitation from a member of the space with the link to join the meeting.

From the WebRTC app

To join a space as a guest user without logging in, use Cisco Meeting WebRTC app from a browser or by paste the meeting link into the Cisco Meeting App for desktop (Windows or macOS).

Note: The Cisco Meeting WebRTC app version 1.10 is only supported on a Google Chrome web browser. 

From browsers which do not support webRTC

If a guest user is using a meeting web link from browsers that does not support WebRTC, a link is generated in the browser window. Click on the link to launch the Meeting App in  'Guest mode' and join the conference as a guest.

Note: In the 'Guest mode'  there is no “Back” button in the call, when the user leaves the call, the app will be closed automatically.

From the Meeting App for desktop (Windows and macOS)

To join a meeting as guest from the app, do the following:

  1. Copy the link recieved in an email or instant message.
  2. Click Join meeting as a guest from the app and paste the Meeting link. Enter a passcode if available.
  3. Click Join meeting.