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While joining a call, what happens if you select 'Management and Presentation' option?

While joining a meeting the app provides you with a new Management and Presentation screen. If you wish to monitor the conference without participating, you can use this option to join a call.

When you join the meeting via the management and presentation screen, these are the default settings:

  • Your audio and video will be disabled.
  • You cannot receive audio or video from other participants but you can see their desktop or application if they share it.
  • You can share desktop or application with other participants in the meeting.
  • You can send and receive chat messages to all participants in the call.
  • Other participants in the call can use Meeting App in the usual way and can receive or send a presentation.
  • If you have the permissions to do so, you can use all the meeting management tools such as add/drop a participant, mute or unmute audio, enable or disable video for other participants, lock or unlock the conference. Refer to the user documentation for more information.