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How can I make a participant 'Important' in a meeting ?

When a participant is marked as important, they are put on the top of the active speaker list. So the most important participant will occupy the main pane in any chosen layout on the screens of all the participants in the meeting. You can assign 'important' status to any participant during a meeting, follow these steps:

  1. During a meeting, click Participants to open the list of participants. The number indicates the total number of active participants in the meeting. (In this example in the picture, its is 2).
  2. Click on a participants' name and a list of options appear under the name:

    Participants options

  3. Click Important, A Important icon icon appears next to the participant name. This is only applicable for the duration of the meeting or until importance is removed.

Note: To remove assigned importance for a participant, select the participant's name from the list and click Clear importance.