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How do I reduce wasted video streams on audio-only gateway calls?

From version 2.3 you can set outgoing calls as audio-only if they are as a result of audio-only incoming calls. Use the API to set the request parameter audioGatewayCallOptimization to “true” on the /callProfile object.

Setting audioGatewayCallOptimization to "true" affects:

  • incoming SIP or Lync calls resulting in outgoing SIP calls
  • incoming SIP or Lync calls resulting in outgoing Lync calls
  • incoming SIP or Lync calls to an IVR that trigger participation in a Lync conference

Using this feature prevents the Cisco Meeting Server from generating audio and video streams on outgoing call legs when the received incoming call has audio-only call legs. The reduction in unused video streams will potentially reduce the loading on the Cisco Meeting Server and the AVMCU.

Note: The outgoing call leg will remain audio-only, even if the incoming call leg later changes to audio and video.

Note: This feature requires ‘early offer’ enabled on Cisco Unified Communications Manager deployments. Deployments using ‘delayed offer’ will still send video on the Lync leg of the call, as a result of the Cisco Meeting Server not knowing that the call is audio only until after the call is established.