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Why does the Cisco Meeting App report "unable to connect - try again later" in the sign in dialog?

This message means that the domain has resolved to an IP address but the XMPP server does not respond. 

  1. Check whether the resolved IP address is reachable (that is, is port 5222 to XMPP server blocked). 

At the command prompt, try to telnet port 5222 via puTTy.
The illustration is an example of trying to telnet a Meeting Server via port 5222 on a cisco router. If you get connection refused, it means the port is blocked either by network or server is not running.

Unable to connect telnet port 5222


  1. Check that the domain part of the login username is the same as the XMPP domain, for example:

login username:
xmpp domain:

SSH to the MMP and type the command xmpp to see the XMPP domain. If the login username domain part differs from the XMPP domain, change the login username domain part to match the XMPP domain.

unable to connect check domain in username