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How do I set up additional external directory search locations?

If you want to add additional directory search locations that the Call Bridge will consult when Cisco Meeting App users perform searches, follow these steps:

  1. Use an app such as Chrome Postman to login to the Meeting Server API.
  2. Create an LDAP server entry in the Meeting Server. The figure below shows an ldapserver entry being POSTed to the Meeting Server at URL The entry is for the LDAP server at URL, authorization information is provided.

POST LDAP server details to Acano Server

This step provides the necessary information to authorize the Callbridge to access the LDAP server.

  1. Use GET to obtain the ID of the LDAP server entry created in step 2. 

Use GET to obtain Ldap server ID

  1. Create a DirectorySearchLocation by POSTing the LDAP server ID from step 3. The DirectorySearchLocation settings define the behavior of searching the directory. Ensure you set the data format to raw.

Use POST to create a Directory Search Location


  1. Use GET to obtain the ID of the Directory Search Location created in step 4.

Use GET to obtain the Directory Search Location ID

  1. Use PUT to edit the DirectorySearchLocation. Add the DirectorySearchLocation ID in the PUT URL and provide the detailed information about baseDN and filterFormat etc. Make sure that you set the data format to raw. For example: 



Use PUT to edit the Directory Search Location information

  1. Check that the configuration of the DirectorySearchLocation is as you expected.

ChUse GET to check the configuration of the Directory Search Location

For a detailed description of all parameters and response elements, see the section on External Directory Search Locations in the API Reference guide.