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How do I implement Cisco licenses on the Cisco Meeting Server?

This article assumes that you have already purchased the licenses that will be required for your Meeting Server from your Cisco Partner and you have received your PAK code(s). Follow these steps to register the PAK code with the MAC address of your Meeting Server using the Cisco License Registration Portal.

  1. Obtain the MAC address of your Meeting Server by logging in to the MMP of your server, and enter the following command: iface a
    Note: This is the MAC address of your VM, not the MAC address of the server platform that the VM is installed on.
  2. Open the Cisco License Registration Portal and register the PAK code and the MAC address of your Meeting Server.
  3. The license portal will provide a zipped copy of the license file. Extract the zip file and rename the resulting .lic file to cms.lic
  4. Using your SFTP client, log into Meeting Server and copy the cms.lic file to the Meeting Server file system.
  5. Restart the Call Bridge using the command callbridge restart
  6. After restarting the Call Bridge, the license status can be checked by typing license.
    The activated features and expirations will be displayed.