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How are licenses used on a cluster of Call Bridges?

You need a license file for each individual Call Bridge—licenses can only be shared amongst servers in the same cluster. Each license file should have all of the required features that you purchased for that cluster; such as PMP Plus, SMP Plus, ACU, Recording/Streaming.

If a license is only installed on one Call Bridge in the cluster then the feature(s) will only work for calls on that Call Bridge. The feature will fail for calls on other Call Bridges in the cluster, unless you share the license with the other Call Bridges. Note that each Call Bridge in the cluster requires its own license file.

A single conference run across multiple Call Bridges in a cluster, will consume a single license. Weighted calls are a means of measuring the number of conferences across the cluster. Use the parameter weightedCallsActive on API object /system/multipartyLicensing. The sum of weighted calls across a cluster matches the number of conferences on the cluster. For example, if CMS1 shows 3 callsActive and 2 weightedCallsActive, and CMS2 shows 2 callsActive and 1 weightedCallsActive, then there are 3 conferences in total on the cluster and 3 licenses are required.