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How do I back up (and restore) the Meeting Server configuration?

There are two MMP commands that allow you to back up the complete system configuration in a file that can be downloaded using SFTP, and restored if necessary.

Note: you must take a configuration backup using the backup snapshot <name> command and save the backup file safely on a different device before upgrading or downgrading.

  • backup snapshot <name>. This command creates a full system snapshot in the <name>.bak (including, IP addresses, passwords and certificates). Do not rely on the automatic backup file generated by the upgrade/downgrade process as it may be inaccessible in the event of a failed upgrade/downgrade.

  • backup rollback <name>. This command restores the system from the file. It overwrites the existing configuration as well as the license.dat file and all certificates and private keys on the system, and reboots the Meeting Server. Therefore it should be used with caution. Make sure you copy your existing cms.lic file  and certificates beforehand because they will be overwritten during the backup rollback process. The .JSON file will not be overwritten and does not need to be re-uploaded.

Note: It is not possible to create a backup from one type of deployment and roll it back on the other type. For example you cannot create a backup on a virtualized deployment and roll it back to an X-series server.

For more information on using the MMP commands, see the MMP Command Line Reference.