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What can I check if a recording is not starting?

You can check the event logs for the meeting for an indication of what is wrong.
If that did not help, you can get license and status information for a Recorder via the API.

To check if the deployment has a valid recording license:

  1. Perform a GET on the "api/v1/system/licensing" node.
  2. Check the response

You will receive information about all licenses on the system, including the below information about your recording license.

Response elements Type/Value Description/Notes
recording status





No license applied to the Recorder

License applied and Recorder activated

License expired, now in grace period for license renewal

License expired for Recorder

  expiry String Date of expiry
  limit Number  


To get status information for your Recorder:

  1. Perform a GET on a "api/v1/recorders/<recorder id>/status" node. 
  2. Check the response.

If the recorder ID is valid, you will receive a "200 OK response" with XML content matching the table below.

Response elements Type/Value Description/Notes



The Recorder is not used by the queried Call Bridge



The Recorder is connected to the queried Call Bridge



The configured Recorder URL is invalid



The configured Recorder URL could not be resolved



The Recorder could not connect to the queried Call Bridge



A connection was established with the Recorder but received a failure response



An unknown failure occurred



The Recorder has limited disk space available
activeRecordings Number Total number of active recordings on this Recorder


 Also, check the logs for both the Call Bridge and the Recorder.