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How do I specify the load limits on a cluster of Meeting Servers?

Perform a PUT on the API object /system/configuration/cluster with the following parameters set:

  • loadLimit with a numeric value for the maximum load on the Meeting Server

Suggested Load limits:

System Load Limit
CMS2000 700000 (see note 1)
CMS1000 96000
X3 250000
X2 125000
X1 25000
VM 1250 per vCPU

These load limits are currently being evaluated and may change.

Note 1: From version 2.6, the load limit for the Cisco Meeting Server 2000 platform increased from 500000 to 700000 and the load calculation for the different call resolutions were updated to match the new 700000 limit. Load limits for other Meeting Server platforms stayed as they were previously.