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How do I enable load balancing on local Meeting Servers in Expressway deployments?

From version 2.4, to enable the load balancing of inbound and outbound SIP calls through Expressway X8.11 use the API to set loadBalanceIndirectCalls=true and loadBalancingEnabled=true using a POST to /callBridgeGroups for a new Call Bridge Group, or using a PUT to /callBridgeGroups/<call bridge group id> for an existing Call Bridge Group.

Note: By default, the loadBalanceIndirectCalls parameter is set to false, disabling load balancing in Expressway deployments.

For more information on using load balancing across Cisco Meeting Servers, see the latest versions of Cisco Meeting Server 2.x, Load Balancing Calls Across Cisco Meeting Servers and Cisco Meeting Server 2.x, Scalability and Resilience Deployment Guide.