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Does the Meeting Server support OBTP?

From version 2.2, the Meeting Server supports “Office 365 Dual Homed Experience with OBTP (One Button To Push) Scheduling” in deployments with Cisco TMS 15.5 or later, and Cisco TMS XE. The feature allows participants to join Office 365 meetings using Cisco endpoints that support OBTP.

The host schedules a meeting using Microsoft Outlook with Skype for Business plugin, and adds participants and conference rooms (including OBTP-enabled endpoints) and a location to meet in.

To join the meeting, participants using a OBTP-enabled endpoint simply push the OBTP button on the endpoint or touchscreen. Skype for Business clients click a link to join the meeting as normal.

Note: If using Office 365, only invited OBTP-enabled endpoints or Skype for Business clients with Office 365 can join the Lync meeting; Cisco endpoints cannot join the meeting manually, via the Meeting Server IVR. This is a key difference to an on-premise Lync deployment,which allows any Cisco endpoint to join manually via the Meeting Server IVR.