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How is "Office 365 Dual Homed Experience with OBTP Scheduling" configured?

Version 2.2 supports “Office 365 Dual Homed Experience with OBTP (One Button To Push Scheduling”, allowing participants to join Office 365 meetings using Cisco endpoints that support OBTP. This feature requires the Call Bridge to connect to the public internet in order to contact Office 365. You will need to open TCP port 443 on your firewall for outgoing traffic.

To set up this method of joining Office 365 meetings, configure the Meeting Server with an incoming dial plan rule with request parameter resolveToLyncSimpleJoin set to “true”. This tells the Meeting Server how to resolve the Lync Simple Meet URL sent in the Office 365 invite.

To have the ability to call participants as well as meetings, use an existing outbound dial plan rule to route the outbound calls, or create a new outbound dial plan rule.