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How are Meeting Server licenses consumed in a dual homed conference?

From version 2.3, consumption of Meeting Server licenses in a dual homed conference is determined by the Call Bridge mode set on the lyncConferenceMode parameter of API object /callProfiles. 

 License consumption 
 dualHomeCluster All calls from the SIP participants are combined into one conference spanning the clustered Call Bridges. One Call Bridge in the cluster calls out to the AVMCU meeting, this uses one Multiparty Plus license for the single conference.
 dualHomeCallBridge SIP participants on the same Call Bridge are combined into one conference. Each Call Bridge calls out to the AVMCU meeting and consumes one Multiparty Plus license. A single conference will consume multiple Multiparty Plus licenses depending on the number of Call Bridges calling out to the AVMCU.
 gateway Each SIP participant will be in their own conference with an associated call out to the AVMCU meeting. Each participant dialing through the Meeting Server to another user, or to a Microsoft Lync AVMCU meeting using the gateway mode consumes one sixth (1/6) of a Shared Multiparty Plus license.