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How are security icons displayed on SIP endpoints?

Some endpoints have the capability to render secure and unsecure padlocks to indicate whether the connection with the Meeting Server is secure. Prior to version 2.2, the Meeting Server also rendered an icon in the conference video to show whether the conference as a whole was secure. This could result in a user seeing two padlock icons, a closed one rendered by the endpoint and an open one rendered by the Meeting Server.

From version 2.2, the Meeting Server determines whether a connecting endpoint has the capability to render a security padlock representing the security status of the conference as a whole. If the endpoint does have the capability, then the Meeting Server will not send the icon to the endpoint. This ensures that the user will only ever see one padlock icon, and the endpoint controls whether a secure or unsecure icon is displayed. If the endpoint does not have the capability, then the Meeting Server will continue to send the appropriate padlock icon to the endpoint.