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How do I enable dual screen endpoint support on Meeting Server?

Support for dual screen endpoints is disabled by default on versions 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5. To enable support:

  1. POST to /compatibilityProfiles or PUT to /compatibilityProfiles/<compatibility profile id>; the parameter sipMultistream set to true.
  2. Add the compatibilityProfile to the system profile. PUT the compatibilityProfile parameter and ID to /system/profiles.
  3. In addition to the configuration, the dual screen endpoints also require configuration. On the web interface of the endpoint, navigate to Setup > Conference and select Multistream mode.

Figure 1 Configuring Multistream mode on the endpoint:

Configuring Multistream mode

Note: Endpoints that support ActiveControl render participant count and the recorder indicator locally on the endpoints and touch panels. Endpoints not supporting ActiveControl will have the labels and indicators sent from the Meeting Server to one of the endpoints.

Disabling dual screen endpoint support

To disable dual screen endpoint support after enabling it:

  1. Identify the compatibilityProfile that is applied to /system/profiles with sipMultistream set to true.
  2. PUT to /compatibilityProfiles/<compatibility profile id> the parameter sipMultistream set to false, where <compatibility profile id> is the ID of the compatibilityProfile identified in step 1 of enabling support.