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Can I set the resolution of the recorder?

From Meeting Server version 2.4, you can configure the recording resolution of the Recorder on the Recorder component itself.

To configure the resolution use the MMP command: recorder resolution <audio|720p|1080p>

If no resolution is configured, the default setting is 720p30. A setting of 1080p only records 1080p30, it does not support 720p60. Audio recordings are stored in .mp4 file format.

The table below provides typical specifications for the different recorder settings, the recommendations are based on our internal testing.

Recorder setting % of physical core per recording RAM required per recording Typical disk usage per hour Planned disk usage per hour (recommended)
1080p 100% 1GB 1GB to 1.6GB 2GB
720p 50% 0.5GB 300MB to 800MB 1GB
audio 20% 125MB 70MB 100MB

 See your Deployment Guide for more information on recording and set up.