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How does recording with vbrick differ to the previous recording mechanism?

The Uploader component (introduced in version 2.4.0) simplifies the work flow for uploading Meeting Server recordings to the video content manager, vbrick, from a configured NFS connected to a Meeting Server. No manual importing of recordings is required.

Once the Uploader component is configured and enabled, recordings are pushed from the NFS to vbrick, and an owner is assigned to the recording. The Rev portal applies security configured by your administrator to your video content, only allowing a user to access the content that they are permitted to access. Vbrick emails the owner when the recording is available in the owner’s Rev portal. Owners of a recording access the video content through their Rev portal, and can edit and distribute as necessary.

For more information on recording with vbrick, including prerequisites and configuring your Meeting Server to work with vbrick, see the deployment guide appropriate to your setup.