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How do I get information on conferences hosted on Meeting Server?

In addition to Cisco Meeting Management, there are two mechanisms on the Meeting Server for obtaining information on hosted conferences: Call Detail Records and Events. 

Call Detail Records (CDRs)

The Meeting Server generates Call Detail Records (CDRs) internally for key call-related events, such as a new SIP connection arriving at the server, or a call being activated or deactivated.

The server can be configured to send these records to a remote system to be collected and analyzed. There is no provision for records to be stored on a long-term basis on the Meeting Server, nor any way to browse CDRs on the Meeting Server itself.

The CDR system can be used in conjunction with the API, with the call ID and call leg IDs values being consistent between the two systems to allow cross referencing of events and diagnostics.

For more information, see Cisco Meeting Server Release 2.4 or later Call Detail Records Guide


From version 2.4, the Meeting Server can notify an "events client" in real-time of changes that are occurring on the Meeting Server. 

The Meeting Server acts as a server for the events, and the events client could be for example, a web-based management application. The events port on the Meeting Server is the same port as you configured for the Web Admin, typically TCP port 443 on interface A.

Note: You will need to construct your own events client, similar to having to construct your own API client. The events client needs to support HTTP and WebSocket libraries, both are available in common scripting languages like Python.

For more information, see Cisco Meeting Server Release 2.4 or later Events Guide.