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How do I lock and unlock the meeting lobby?


Locking and unlocking the meeting lobby requires the setup of host and guest access see FAQ How do I setup host and guest access? 

Assuming host and guest access has been setup on a space, once the host enters the space, the meeting lobby will be unlocked and all waiting guest participants will be activated.  The host can use DTMF to lock the meeting lobby again, so all new guests then wait for activation in the meeting lobby.

 The example below follows on from the example in FAQ How do I setup host and guest access?

Action  Method  URI  Body data  Result 
Modify host callLegProfile to include lock/unlock feature  PUT  https://acanoServer/api/


Host callLegProfile is able to lock/unlock meeting lobby
Create dtmfProfile  POST  https://acanoServer/api/


dtmfProfile id ddddd-ddddd is created 
Assign dtmfProfile to top level profiles PUT  https://acanoServer/api/


In the above example, once the host has access to the space, they can enter DTMF “*7” to lock the meeting lobby.  New partcipants with guest access will wait in the meeting lobby until the host enters “*8” to unlock the lobby again.