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How do I implement localized language prompts on my Meeting Server?

You can download localized audio prompts from the following location to locate  

Supported languages are:

Language                           Audio Prompt Language Code
Chinese (China) Mandarin                        zh_cn
Chinese (Taiwan) Mandarin zh_tw
Danish Danish         da_dk
Dutch                Dutch nl_nl
English (US)                     English                              en_us
English (UK) UK English              en_gb
French (European) French European         fr_fr
German German de_de
Italian                   Italian it_it
Japanese Japanese ja_jp
Korean    Korean ko_kr
Polish      Polish pl_pl
Portugese (Brazil) Portugese (Brazil) pt_br
Russian Russian ru_ru
Spanish (LAT)            Spanish (LAT)    es_co
Spanish (Spain) Spanish (Spain) es_es
Swedish               Swedish sv_se
Turkish Turkish tr_tr
Czech Czech cs_cz
Hungarian                     Hungarian        hu_hu
Finnish                            Finnish       fi_fi

 Further information:

See Cisco Meeting Server Customization Guidelines located under “Customization” at: