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How do I set up host and guest access?

An accessMethod is a way of adding additional ways for users to dial in to a space with associated callLegProfiles that apply a certain configuration to the participant. One classic example of this is to set up a host/guest configuration so that depending on what URI & passcode is used participants are either assigned the ‘host’ profile or the ‘guest’ profile which might make them wait for a host to join the meeting before their own call leg is activated and then be disconnected when the host leaves (for example).

One way to implement this is to use the space URI for the guest(s) and assign a ‘guest’ callLegProfile to the space. Then use the API to add an accessMethod which defines the URI for the host(s) to dial in to and associate a callLegProfile with it.  The following example assumes host and guest access is setup on a space with id ccccc-ccccc. Note that the API object for spaces is coSpaces.

Action  Method  URI  Body data  Result 
Create host callLegProfile  POST  https://acanoServer/api/


callLegProfile with id aaaaa-aaaaa is created 
Create guest callLegProfile  POST  https://acanoServer/api/

needsActivation=true& defaultLayout=speakerOnly&

callLegProfile with id bbbbb-bbbbb is created 
Associate guest callLegProfile with coSpace  PUT  https://acanoServer/api/
callLegProfile=bbbbb-bbbbb Guest profile is used when coSpace URI is dialed 
Create host accessMethod on coSpace  POST  https://acanoServer/api/ v1/coSpaces/ccccc-ccccc/accessMethods  


Users can dial 10100 to access the coSpace with host privileges 

Setting the guest callLegProfile to needsActivation=true, means any guest’s call leg will not be started until a participant joins the coSpace who does not have needsActivation enabled; in this case a participant using the host callLegProfile.